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Monday, August 23, 2010

About Team Zavier

Someone once told me that for good things to come true you have to put them out there in the world. So here it goes. Team Zavier is inspired by my son, Felix Zavier Barron. He died of SIDS on January 8, 2010. Team Zavier desires to give Zavier and other babies like him a voice.

So although Team Zavier's ambitions are big, its heart is bigger. It is our goal to raise public awareness, educate parents and caregivers, and to raise funds on behalf of Team Zavier to donate to organizations dedicated to finding the answers that will Stop SIDS.

Currently, Team Zavier is requesting $2 donations in exchange for Team Zavier/Stop SIDS wristbands. We are hoping to make a $2000 donation to the American SIDS Institute in January. Our future projects include a run/walk event to celebrate the birth of SIDS babies now in Heaven.

Team Zavier is in its beginning stages and as Zavier's mom, I must admit I am a bit overwhelmed by the hopes and dreams I have for this project. Fortunately, God has surrounded me by great people who are as committed as I am to making a change in the lives of those babies yet to be born.

I invite you to take this journey with us and check back from time to time to see how you can be a part of Team Zavier.  

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  1. I am so proud of the work you are doing. I have a feeling there is a little boy smiling down on you..